I’m coming up on the end of my 24 month self-assessment phase. How do I arrange for a mock assessment? How far in advance of my formal assessment should I have my mock assessment?

You should schedule your mock assessment 60-90 days prior to your assessment. It’s the agency’s responsibility to arrange for all aspects of the mock, including assessor selection. CFA can provide you with a list of qualified assessors. We suggest you conduct your mock assessment just as you would your formal assessment, to include a static display and personnel interviews to complement file review.

I think my agency is ready to sign up. How do I get started?

The first step is to apply through the electronic tool found on the website. You will receive an agreement, along with an invoice for your accreditation and software fees. One the agreement is signed, return it to the Florida Accreditation office and your 24 month self-assessment phase begins the date the Executive Director signs the agreement. An electronic copy of the agreement will be maintained in the Florida Accreditation office, and the original  will be returned for your files.

A standard has an annual requirement, either for a report of training. What do you mean by annual?

Annual means occurring once in a twelve month period. We’re looking for compliance from assessment to assessment.

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