Florida Accreditation


Program Requirements




  • A facility must submit an application to FCAC to participate in the accreditation process

  • After receiving the application, two copies of the agreement will be forwarded for review and signature.

  • The facility must submit the accreditation fee upon signing the agreement.
Rated Capacity Fee
0 - 49 $450.00
50 - 249 $900.00
250 - 1,000 $3,000.00
1,000+ $3,900.00


  • The facility will then have two years to come into compliance with all mandatory standards and not less than 90 percent of the non-mandatory standards.

  • Proof of compliance is determined by an assessment team sent by the Commission, conducting an on-site review of the agency's own policies, procedures and practices.

  • It is recommended that all agencies perform a "mock" assessment prior to the actual onsite. The selection of assessors for the mock team is determined solely by the candidate facility and all costs including meals, travel and per diem is borne by the facility.

  • Once accredited, facilities remain accredited for a period of three years. After the three year period they must be reaccredited.