Florida Accreditation

Benefits of Accreditation

Pretrial & Probation

The Florida Corrections Accreditation program offers the opportunity to evaluate your agency's operations against standards developed by the Florida Corrections Accreditation Commission, the Association of Pretrial Professionals of Florida and the Florida Association of Community Corrections. This process will allow administrative staff to remedy deficiencies and upgrade the quality of the agency's programs and services. The benefits from such a process include:

  • Potential reduction in agency liability from lawsuits 
  • Standards are consistent with national best practices and will lead the way to establishing the most consistent and effective policy and procedures
  • Allows for independent verification of business practices, which increases agency accountability 
  • Increases uniformity within community supervision programs with reciprocal increase in public safety 
  • Standards foster education resulting in improvements for all parties (defendant, agency, public) 
  • Accreditation program may foster program expansion due to increased recognition and credibility 
  • Agencies will operate consistently in terms of misdemeanor probation
  • Increases judicial confidence in use of pretrial release program by providing standardized accurate information for release/detention decisions