Florida Accreditation

Benefits of Accreditation

Inspectors General


The Commission for Florida Law Enforcement Accreditation offers the opportunity for the Inspectors General of Florida with an Investigations function to evaluate policies and procedures against the standards developed by the Chief Inspector General, the Inspectors General Workgroup, and Commission Staff. Accreditation of the investigation process within Offices of Inspectors General will significantly enhance the consistency and quality of these investigations. The benefits from such a process include:

  • Provides a significant and tangible advance for professionalism within the Inspectors General function statewide.

  • Ensures organizational and individual self-assessment, resulting in function accountability.

  • Promotes congruency in protocols among offices resulting in enhanced quality of investigations.

  • Strengthens defense against lawsuits and challenges.

  • Provides opportunity to strengthen legislative confidence in Inspectors General process.

  • Enhances reputation with public by achieving compliance with professionally recognized best business practices and standards.

  • Promotes teamwork and an internal culture of professionalism.

  • Identifies administrative and operational redundancies.

  • Provides a vehicle for overcoming resistance to change.

  • Expands networking opportunities and information resources through direct affiliation with CFA's Commission and FLA-PAC.

  • Offers national recognition for initiating the first state Inspectors General accreditation program.