Florida Accreditation

Benefits of Accreditation



The Florida Corrections Accreditation program offers the opportunity to evaluate your facility's operations against standards developed by the Florida Corrections Accreditation Commission. This process will allow administrative staff to remedy deficiencies and upgrade the quality of correctional programs and services. The benefits from such a process include:

  • Improved management

  • Strengthens the facility's defense against lawsuits and complaints

  • Increased accountability

  • Enhanced public credibility for administrative and line staff

  • A safer and more humane environment for personnel and inmates

  • Potential reduction in liability through adoption of sound operating practices

  • Demonstration of a "good faith" effort to improve conditions of confinement

  • Establishment of measurable criteria for upgrading programs, personnel, and physical plant

The overall purpose of FCAC is to improve the delivery of correctional services. All aspects of Correctional operations are addressed through the standards, including: Admission, Classification, Housing, Sanitation, Food Service, Personnel Issues, Fiscal Activities, Security, Training and Medical.

  • Participation in the accreditation process is strictly voluntary.

  • Accreditation standards are derived primarily from the Florida Model Jail Standards.

  • Standards are specific to the Florida Corrections profession and are compatible with Florida law.

  • The process is designed to accommodate all facilities, from the smallest to the largest.

  • Accreditation fees are based on the rated capacity of the facility being accredited.